A UX Designer passionate about solving problems! Also, a Computer Scientist who preferred to change the "ifs and elses" of the command lines to the "what ifs?" that users question.

I have worked with clients such as ItaΓΊ Bank, BV Bank, Albert Einstein Hospital, Ericsson, Claro Telecom, among others.

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πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Some of my works:

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Home PIX

BV Bank

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Renegotiation: Interbank Debit

ItaΓΊ Bank

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[Design System:

Style Guide Evolution](https://proximal-pencil-03a.notion.site/Design-System-Style-Guide-Evolution-dd4348c1ec0041f0a80f42e1c20123f5)

upLexis Tech

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Creating a clean layout for a Telecom Company app

Ericsson Telecom

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Salary Portability

BV Bank

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Landing Page PersonnalitΓ©

ItaΓΊ PersonnalitΓ©

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[Medical Exam


a+ Diagnostic Medicine

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Covid-19: How are our co-workers doing? (PT)

Ericsson Telecom

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More about my works will be here soon :)

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